Monday, March 3, 2008

Broken Lullaby

Well, it's March, and Broken Lullaby should be hitting the shelves any day now. It represents quite a few milestones for me. One, it's the first book I consider to be editor heavy. I rewrote this puppy twice. And, it's the first book to be a Top Pick from Romantic Times. Romantic Times is the only review I really look at. Oh, I google, and giggles, and do search for my name and book, but the only review I consider as 'big time' is the Romantic Time's one. I wonder if this is because Romantic Times has been around the longest? I wonder if this is because Harlequin sends my book to them? Being a Top Pick was a goal of mine. Gee, now I get to make a new goal. So, hmmm, what should be my next goal? And, btw, who (or who else?) gives the review that you consider the most important?

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