Friday, March 21, 2008

My favorite heroes...

Everyone has their favorite heroes, both in books and in real life. Mine just happen to be the same. I love writing about cops and military men, which is what I'm doing for Steeple Hill Love Inspired Suspense right now. There's something about honor, duty, justice and standing up for what is right that is wildly appealing to me. I also happen to be married to a former marine who is now a police officer. I have a lot of inspiration in that regard.

But I also LOVE reading and writing about cowboys. Absolutely love them. My Texas Hearts series from Avalon Books featured a bunch of cowboys in all shapes, sizes and temperments. One was rough around the edges, one did the right thing even though it broke his heart and the woman he loved, one followed his dreams, and one overcame a difficult childhood to become the daddy he never had.

My heroes tend to be a little gruff, so I work hard to bring in other qualities that round them out. I like the hero who is rough around the edges but can melt like butter when he sees a baby smile and the woman who can bring him to his knees.

What is YOUR favorite hero like, both in fiction and in real life? Post here and we'll compare.

Have a wonderful Easter weekend!

Until next time, many blessings to you, Lisa Mondello


Jessica said...

Hmmm, those ones sound pretty good to me! I always liked most of Victoria Holt's heroes too. My hero has to be Alpha, always!

Lisa Mondello said...

I agree. There's something about the strong, silent type that is very appealing. But I do love it when a strong man can show his vulnerability too.