Tuesday, March 25, 2008

How to Write when Braindead

It's 9:30. I'm braindead. I probably won't dazzle you with tales of craftieness [sic]. I probably won't entice you with promises of HEA. And, I definitely won't impress you with my wittiness. Mr. Witty took off with Miss Craftie about 6:00, about the time I got home from work.

So, I'll ramble.

Best moment with a book: Roxanne's Vendetta. I read it while camping over the weekend.

Best moment with my son: All of them, but this morning's cuddle while watching The Wiggles was pretty cool.

Best moment for a friend: Our Lisa Mondello finaling in the Colorado contest!

Best moment wiht God: Saturday morning devotional in front of a camper window with only the hills and cacti and God as company.

Rambling done. Nuff said.

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