Saturday, March 22, 2008

Murder Series

I've started a new murder mystery/suspense series. I can't write strictly suspense nor can I write strictly a mystery. I have to mingle both of them together. I love a good puzzle, but I love the feel of a suspense so when I write I try to combine the two.
I love the creation of the book--the brainstorming, the working through the problems of the plot and characters. This is my favorite part of writing. What is your favorite part of writing?

Or as a reader what is your favorite part of a story? My favorite part of a story when I'm reading is being carrying away with a story that I don't want to put the book down to even go to bed. That is accomplished by creating a character I want to spend my time with and a plot that intrigues me. I want to see how the story unfolds and I'm sad when it ends. Have you ever closed a book and continued the characters' lives in your mind?

Take care and have a happy Easter,
Margaret Daley

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