Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Scene and Sequel

One of the greatest tools I’ve learned along my writing journey has been scene and sequel from Dwight Swain’s informative book Techniques of the Selling Writer.
Swain writes: Scene and Sequel: the search for a goal...the struggle to attain it. These are fictions two basic units.
When I study books that have really grabbed my attention and made me read frantically toward the end, the one thing these books all have in common are scene and sequel.
If you, as a writer haven’t bought this book and devoured it, you must! I have read my copy at least five times and have highlighted something new every time. Each time I read the book I realize another important aspect of fiction writing that I need to work on. I don’t think any writer can ever say they’ve learned all they need to. I certainly can’t. With every book, I learn something new and grow more as a writer. I hope that never stops.

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