Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Interesting Settings

One of the parts of writing that I find interesting is researching the setting of a book. I'm currently working on next December's release Double Threat Christmas and one of the places in my story is a NYPD Precinct. Well, after much cruising through cyberspace, I found the most amazing pictures of the outside of a real precinct on the upper Eastside of Manhattan that I'm going to pattern my setting after. And then amazingly enough I found and bought a book about this same precinct titled Behind the scenes of NYC's most high powered police station. I'm so excited. Now when I write scenes in this setting I can actually 'see' what I'm describing. I love it!

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susansbooks said...


What is the name of your contribution to the Without a Trace continuity that's coming up in 2009? I am a HUGE fan of ALL your God-honoring books!!