Tuesday, May 20, 2008

A Face in the Shadows Interview

Today we're welcoming KATE BROOKS, the heroine of A Face In the Shadow--May 2008, part of the Reunion Revelations continuity series . Wow, you've just had quite an adventure.

1. Tell us a little about yourself and how you came to be in the midst of such suspense.

I grew up in Magnolia Falls and went to Magnolia College. I wanted to be a singer, so after I graduated I went to Nashville, got married and had my son Brandon. But the singing career and the marriage didn't work out so I went back to school to become a neo-natal nurse and I moved back to Magnolia Falls to be close to my family (for my son's sake--his father isn't the best role model.) After I returned we had a class reunion at Magnolia College and that's where I met Parker Buchanan again. We were best friends in college and I can admit this now--I always had a crush on him! But Parker is a reclusive comic book writer, so even though we saw each other at the reunion I didn't talk to him for a while after that. My son is a big fan of Parker's comic book hero--Patchman. Brandon wanted to invite Parker to his birthday party, so I got up the nerve to go to Parker's estate and well .... after sneaking in and being chased by his two German Shepherds, Parker and I talked and he turned me down--refused to even consider coming to the party. But he showed up at my door later (with lilies) and offered to throw the party at his house! After that, things were going great until the police came to the party and took Parker in for questioning on this ten year old homicide case--(a body was found buried on the college campus and Parker knew the woman who was found there--Josie Skerritt.) Now the police thing Parker killed her!

2. So, during the book you met Parker. Tell us a bit about him. What was your first impression? When did you know it was love?

As I said, I knew Parker in college but he wasn't like the other boys. He was shy and quiet--a real James Dean type. But he was my friend. Then he was in a horrible car wreck (with another student--Penny Brighton) and he refused to see me after that. The accident damaged his leg, so he still walks with a limp. My first impression of him after spotting him across the room at the reunion was, "Wow, he looks great--like a character right out of a Jane Austen novel." I also realized I still had a crush on him. Now that we've finally found each other again, I know God met for us to be apart so we'd mature and appreciate each other more. I just hope he will be cleared of this horrible crime, because I know in my heart Parker didn't kill Josie.

3. What strengths/skills do you have? What is your greatest weakness?

My greatest strength is my faith. It has helped me through a horrible marriage and an awful divorce. Sometimes I wonder if I made the right decision--and I believe I did--for my son's sake if nothing else. Brandon needed the stability of a family and friends and we didn't have that in Nashville. I now sing at church and I love working with the tiny babies in the neo-natal ward. My weakness is my impulsive nature--that led to running off to Nashville and marry the wrong man. I'm trying to learn how to be less impulsive but sometimes that still gets me into trouble--such as when I was so determined to talk to Parker I practically broke into his estate!

4. What scares you?

Something happening to Brandon or my family and--what if I lose Parker all over again? I don't want to lose him this time. But we can't move forward until this murder is solved.

5. If you could change one thing about yourself, what would it be?

I'd try to trust my heart but I'd also be more cautious and less impulsive with my feelings. That's hard right now with Parker.

6. Where are you in your faith at the start of your story?

I have always had a strong faith and I believe God will see us through this crisis. My prayers have held me together through so many things. My faith has never wavered.

7. Where are you in your faith at the end of the story?

My faith only grows stronger each day, because God has given Parker and me a second chance and we've weathered the worst--a murder, Parker being accused of that murder, gossip and doubt from my family and friends and a killer who is determined to get revenge on Parker, even if that means committing another murder. If God can see us through all of that, then we were meant to be together, right?

8. You've got a scripture at the beginning of the story. Tell us why this scripture is significant.

"He reveals the deep things of darkness and brings deep shadows into the light."--Job 12:22

This passage is important because throughout this murder investigation, we all felt that someone was out there in the shadows--someone sick and evil who wanted to punish each of us for the past. But as I tried to show Parker, God wikk help us overcome that evil, that face in the shadows, so we can walk together in the light of His love. That is my one prayer--to be with Parker and raise my son with our faith shining brightly! I will continue to pray that all will be revealed and those shadows will disappear so we can finally be a family.

9. If you could be a dessert what would you be and why?

I'd be chocolate chip cookie because cookies bring comfort and show that someone cares. They are a bit crisp on the outside, but also soft in the middle--just like me. Besides, Parker baked me some on one of our first dates. A man who can cook wins my heart immediately. Can you tell that it always comes back to him. I think I'm truly in love!

Warmhearted, Wholesome, Worthwhile
Secret Agent Minister--Finalist Gayle Wilson Award of Excellence!!!!
March 2008--Mountain Sanctuary
April 2008--Reissue--Something Beautiful/lacey's Retreat
May 2008--Face in the Shadows (Reunion Revelations)
August 2008--Lone Star Secret (Homecoming Heroes)

Thank you so much Lenora Worth for sharing Kate with us. I know I look forward to reading A Face in the Shadows.

Next week we will have a contest to win one of the fabulous May Love Inspired Suspense books, so please stop on by.


PamelaTracy said...

What a great interview. I managed to snag your book yesterday at the grocery store. And, I love the name Parker. My very first novel had a hero named Parker. Patterned, of course, after Parker Stevenson of the Hardy Boys... Hmmm, am I the only one who remembers the series. We're so glad you visited us today.

Cara Putman said...

Oh, I can't wait to read this book now. Headed to Wal-Mart tomorrow! Looks great, and I love the interview with the heroine!

Terri Reed said...

I love the analogy of the chocolate chip cookie. Crisp on the outside and soft inside.
I too love a man who can cook, thus I married one who is much better in the kitchen than I am.

PamelaTracy said...

Your husband cooks. Oh, this is so unfair. My husband grills and will go for pizza in a pinch. The first time I cooked for him, a friend made lasagna for me, I simply warmed it up, and yes I took credit. I told him years later, but he still looks at me with suspicion.

Debby Giusti said...

Sounds like another great Lenora Worth read! Can't wait to get my copy so I can find out more about the cold case crime. Crossing my fingers that Parker's found innocent. Knowing how Lenora writes, there's bound to be sexual tension and a powerful climax that will keep me turning the pages.

Thanks, Lenora, for visiting the Craftie Ladies.