Monday, May 12, 2008

What Today Means to Me

Today is the first day of my summer vacation, and here's the truth, teachers look forward to it as much as students. If Walmart had stocked Robin's book, Bayou Judgment, I'd be reading it! Instead, I'm looking at my office - time to clean again; looking at my stomach - time to diet again; looking at my computer - time to write again.

What am I reading? I just finished a fabulous book called The Other Woman. It was about a newly married woman and her mother-in-law. The author, Jane Green, made me feel part of the family, friends!!! How did she do that? I'm staring at the book I'm working on Lost Identify (please sell) and wondering just how Jane Green zapped me out of my world, put me into hers, and made me care.

What am I going to do to my office? This morning I started on one corner of my desk. I threw away revisions for the book that came out in March. Yup, that's right, I still had notes in a folder. Tossed. Goodbye, etc. I think I'll work on another corner in a minute, then I'll glance at the stacks. Oh, and the big thing I'm doing today is renting one of the wetvacs. I'm cleaning the carpet.

What am I doing to do to my computer? Gut response: turn it on, but since I never turn it off, that answer will not do. I love my computer. This morning I worked on getting Robin Carol's information up. She's a fabulous writer and I love her photo. I read her first book and it took me back to New Orleans: the scenery and the scents. I love her locale. My favorite memory of New Orleans is riding on a boat and throwing marshmellows to the alligators. Who knew alligators loved marshmellows! It's interesting being the one in charge of the blog. Robin dutifully sent me her photo and cover, which my computer immediately said was corrupt. I, however, knew that my computer was lying! I resent the file she sent me to myself, and like magic, not corrupt. Took care of that problem. The next foil my computer tried was typing in Bayou Judgment. First of all, I misspelled it. I typed Bayou Justic. I think I was going for justice and got distracted. I fixed it. Yup, I fixed it by typing Bayou Judgement. As an English professor, I can tell you the debate on whether that middle E belongs is heated! But, the bookcover is a killer counter argument, so dutifully, I went back in and took out the E.

In a moment, I'm filling out a sheet for the Seekers blogsite. I will be a guest there. Then, my son Michael (the second most popular name in the U.S. again!) will wake up. It's going to be a great day. So great, btw, that I think between filling out the Seekersville info and Mikey's awakening (not a word btw), I need to go spend a moment with God thanking Him.

Have a great day, all!

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