Monday, May 19, 2008

Here, There, Everywhere

Here: Yesterday afternoon I had one of those epiphany moments. I was sitting in the living room with my son watching Noddy (children's cartoon) when suddenly I did a swept of my living room. I looked at the curtains. They no longer close all the way thanks to Mikey's constant opening and closing. Continuing south, I saw Mikey's little rocking chair with a Dapper Dan in it (the doll you use to teach zippers, buttons, etc). Then, there's my antique rocking chair (given to me by my uncle who lived to be 97!). Sitting in that rocker is a giant Winnie the Pooh bear and Curious George leans against him. Next comes my Grandfather Clock. In front of it is a blue bean bag chair that Mikey likes to drag to the middle of the room to settle in while he watches T.V. Finally, there's the entertainment center. It used to be a Martha Steward piece. I have special knick knacks there. Now, I see children's videos. On top are the things I take away my Mikey. I see a car; I see puzzle pieces. I stop my sweep. I don't need to look any farther to know that God has given me what's known as HOME.

There: Yesterday I emailed my agent my new proposal. It's for a three book series. You'd think I'd be comfortable sending off a three book proposal but I'm not. This proposal is revised per suggestions one month ago. I wonder how my little proposal stands up? Does the editor look at it and think, "Boy, you can tell this one's a beginner." Doe she look at it and think, "Surely, somewhere there's a book on putting together proposals and this author will someday find it?" or, as I suspect, will the editor look at my proposal and say, "I hope it's good." I surmise that I worry about the packaging and that my editor worries about content.

Everywhere: Last week I had an excuse as to why I hadn't read Robin's LIS. Walmart didn't have them in stock yet, and I'd just joined the bookclub but hadn't received a shipment. This week should have been so much better. I went to Walmart on Saturday. New books are there! I grab all four. I'm really looking forward to Lenora's because I've been reading the Reunion series (am actually all caught up-finished Carol Steward's just last week) and Lenora's is next to last. I get home. Then, Saturday night I go to pick up Lenora's book. I didn't buy it. It gets worse. I pick up the top book from the stack and think "Hmmmm". Yup, it's from the previous month. Now, I'm not completely lame. I did know what was coming, so I quickly look at the others. Yup, for some reason at Walmart, they restocked three of the four new ones, and left one stack of the last months. I had two of one book. Arg.

Such is the life of a writer: here, there, and everywhere.

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