Saturday, May 17, 2008

What's scary?

One of the questions asked of the heroines is what scares you. I started thinking about that. What really scares me? Here’s my list: something happening to my husband, son or granddaughters (or for that matter anyone I care about), a tornado hitting my area, snakes, not pleasing the Lord (He’s done so much for me), not being able to write a book (drying up), rats, not having a clean toilet (no, not really, I just threw that in to see if you were still reading), and probably a lot of other things I can’t think of because I haven’t had them happen to me or someone I know.

I will say researching different methods of murder that I wouldn’t want to be murdered or left in a casket alive underground. I could go on and on, but I’m sure you are ready instead to share what scares you.

So fess up—what scares you?


PamelaTracy said...

I have many of the same one's you do, Margaret. I worry that something will happen to me and that I won't be around to raise my son. Daddy is great, believe me, but is not a Christian. My biggest non-spiritual fear: flying. I am deathly afraid of flying. I love when I read about a celebrity who won't fly. I'm going to Nationals BT TRAIN. Yup, it's a 22 hour trip. On the plus side, I'll get lots of reading done. On the negative side, I will smell bad when I get to the hotel LOL

Margaret Daley said...

I've done those long train rides in and even had to sleep in one overnight. I have to say I didn't get much sleep in a bunk with only a few inches between me and the ceiling.

Debby Giusti said...

Oh, Margaret, you hit the big one with me . . . buried alive! YIKES!!! That rates right up there with death by fire. Although I think being buried is the all time worst way to be murdered.

Sounds like we're suspense writers, doesn't it?