Sunday, November 9, 2008

Brrrr....winter is coming! What a perfect time to curl up with a wonderful book by the fire, snuggled under a cozy afghan. It's a great time to be dreaming up new ones to write, too, because the temptation to go out and play with the horses or walk the dogs lessens with every ten degree drop on the thermometer!

Tonight I've been working on title and cover art suggestions for my next three-book series for Love Inspired Suspense. The process brings into focus the themes of these stories and helps me start to immerse myself in this world--the mountains of Montana--where I'll be (at least in my imagination!) during all the months it takes to write each book.

Aren't the covers of the Love Inspired Suspense novels gorgeous? The art department does an amazing job, coming up with such stunning covers for all of the books in this line, don't you think? Now, this has made me curious! Since the LIS covers are all so lovely, and there are lots of other books on the bookstore shelf as well, how do you select which to buy each month? Do you go by title? Author name? Back cover copy? Do you read the first couple pages of several books while in the store, and then decide? I'd love to hear about your selection process!

If you find it difficult to make it to the store before the LIS books are sold out each month, there's a handy option: you can subscribe, and have them delivered to your door. Since the LIS books tend to sell out pretty fast, this will ensure that you don't miss your favorite authors!

Here's to many hours of reading pleasure for all of us in the coming week!



Jessiecue said...

That is actually how I decide I have the love inspired and the love inspired suspense sent to my door each month. It use to just be the love inspired and then I went to the library last week and of course I had read everyone of the love inspired because I was the one who donated them to the library. So I start looking and I find a LIS book and I think it was the Gaurdian Cabin or something like that I don't really remember and I liked it was a little different than the ones I had been reading then, I went back and found the Cradle of Secrets and it got me hooked so of course I had to call harlequin and add that to my monthly subscriptions list..

Mary said...

A beautiful cover can catch my eye but I usually read the description and maybe a little excerpt... although sometimes I just look for my favorite authors!