Saturday, November 15, 2008


Have you ever been thrust into doing something you don't feel comfortable doing? I never thought of myself as a speaker, but I've been doing more and more of that lately. I use to read my speech which wasn't the best way to go for me. I would read fast. That's what I do when I'm nervous. I finally decided I've been in this business of writing for years and years. I have learned a few things along the way so I'm just gonna talk to the audience as if we are a couple of friends getting together to talk writing. I think it is working out better. At least I'm not as nervous and stuttering over words.

The reason I'm blogging about this today is because in a few hours I have to give a speech to a mystery writers' group. I want to impart how much Christian fiction as a whole has grown and that there are good suspense/mystery books out there in the Christian market. We are the light in the dark. With all that is happening in this world, I'm glad we are here to spread the Word.

So what have you been thrust into doing that you aren't comfortable with?


Anita Mae said...

Hey Margaret - I left a terribly long comment on this post on your other blog so I won't repeat how I think you already are a great speaker here. :-)

I mean, I saw you in action at the ACFW conf, so I know.

But, I will say that I haven't forgotten that you tagged me. If you read the aforementioned comment, you'll find out why I'm still working on it. :-)

Ellen said...

As a teacher you wouldn't think that talking before a crowd would be a horrible experience but it was. Several times I had to get up in front of a group of teachers and explain some program to them and it was 100 times worse than teaching students!!!

Margaret Daley said...

Anita Mae, I have read the other comment and I love the hearing your story about how the Lord got you to do what He wanted.

Ellen, I've felt the same way. I used to hate to get up in front of the faculty and speak, but I was department chairperson and had to from time to time.