Friday, November 28, 2008

My Thanksgiving Wish on Black Friday

I've been blessed in so many ways. Yesterday I spent the day with my family, ate too much, laughed a lot and Thanked God for all that I have. As I sit in a recliner in my mother's living room surrounded my my sisters and my mom, my wish is that this holiday season you will all know and feel the love and comfort from the people you love. I also hope that for those who are separated from their families that you are embraced by friends and your community so that you know and feel love during this holiday season.

Today is a big day for shopping for so many people. Watching the news I see how people have stood in line for Black Friday sales in the freezing cold to get a bargain or too. As you're out and about shopping, consider picking up an extra gift for someone who is less fortune and dropping it off at one of the centers who have gift giving programs. Years ago I stopped doing the buying and handed over the task to my children. I would take them to the store with a list and ask them to pick out a toy that they like for a child their age. I wanted them to learn to think of others and not just themselves and was always warmed by the their excited faces as they wondered if the child they'd bought the gift for would like it as much as they liked it.

Contact your local school, church or police department for programs in your area that have gift giving programs. And while you're out doing your Black Friday shopping, pick up an extra gift and make someones holiday season a little brighter.

Many blessings,
Lisa Mondello


Ellen said...

We have a television station here that is always in the center of collections for those who are needy. When Gustav and Ike did so much damage they were in the parking lot for three days straight collecting water and other things needed by those with damage and one of our local companies offered their trucks to transport the donations to wherever the Red Cross told them to go. And during the hottest part of the summer they collect fans for the people here who cannot afford air conditioning or fans. Now they are collecting food for the food bank. They also collect for Toys for Tots. And in addition to collecting the owner of the station is always donating money as well.

Lisa Mondello said...

It's always great to hear about community programs like this Ellen. I hope you had a wonderful holiday!