Saturday, November 22, 2008

Where I work

Someone asked me to take a picture of my office for an interview I was doing for them. Now that I'm home writing full-time, I spend most of my days in my office. I have hot pink walls with white accents. I have a desk, file cabinet and 5 big bookcases (overflowing with books). I also have a couch and a coffee table that looks like two huge books. My husband years ago when I started out selling framed each of my books and they are up on the walls around my office. In the warm weather when I'm working (my desk is next to a large window), I can look out on a garden we put in a few years ago in the front yard. We have a butterfly bush that attracts so many butterflies (and hummingbirds). It's so neat watching them.

The first picture is my desk with Flo sitting in my chair. Flo is a huge flamingo given to me by Cheryl Wyatt. Thank you again, Cheryl. My granddaughters love playing with her. But at the moment she is thinking about writing a book.

The second picture is a tree I leave up all year with my flamingo ornaments on it. There are a few others besides the flamingo ones that have special meaning to me. My lights on the tree are palm trees or flamingos.


PamelaTracy said...

What a wonderful insight into your life. When did you get interested in flamingoes? (Hmmm, spelling looks funny but dictionary says okay). I'll take a picture of my office after I clean it. You might never see it.

Anita Mae said...

Wow, what a fun office. Lots of inspiration in that room.

Margaret Daley said...

I think I like flamingos because they are pink although in the wild they are often white with a pink tinge. I got to see some in Aruba on a beach. They were everywhere and didn't fly away when we were there. It was fun.

Anita Mae said...

We saw some real pink flamingoes when we were in DisneyWorld ten yrs ago. Everyone was crossing on a bridge and they were about 60 ft below us along the shore.

Ellen said...

You have a very interesting and unique office. I don't think I've ever seen paint quite that color but it is cheery. And what a great idea your husband had to frame your books and hang them on the wall.

Mary said...

A beautiful space to work in! Thanks for the peek.

Debby Giusti said...

Love your office! And your flamingoes. I have a few of my own. But my office needs an overhaul. You've inspired me!!!

Cheryl Wyatt said...

AWW! There's Flo.

I love your office, Margaret! Amazing to see the place that so many amazing stories are spun.

Thanks for sharing the pictures.