Monday, November 10, 2008


Okay, confusion is often my companion, but in looking at the rules - share 7 random/or weird facts about yourself - and looking at what both Cara and Margaret posted, I'm wondering if all writers just want to write about books. Hmmm. I know as I read Cara's I'm thinking, "We're twin daughters of different mothers." As I read Margaret's I'm thinking, "How does she know how I research!" I'm playing the game, and I'm sticking to the 'book' concept.

1) If I live to be 100, and I read a book a day, I will still have books in my TBR pile. I keep that pile in my office closet (it's a double) and in three bookshelves in my bedroom.

2) I usually read three books at a time. There's the favorite. It resides in my hands and if not there, on the table by the bed, on the table by the easy chair, on the patio chair outside, or on the kitchen table. It's the favorite. It travels with me. There's the bathroom book. It's usually one that doesn't grab me so I banish it to the bathroom where it gets read a little each day. It may take me a year to read that book. Or, maybe eventually it will grab me and then it becomes the favorite. There's also the purse book. It's one that is good but not good enough to travel. I can usually finish it in a month.

3) I owe my love of reading to the Betsy books. You know, her sister was Star. My mom took me to the library when I was in second grade. I checked one out. When I finished, I was so disappointed. Finished! I'd gotten to the end! Why couldn't the book have been longer? Mom said, "Don't worry. There's a series." We went to the library again. I was only allowed to check out eight. So, at the age of 40 my mom got her first library card so she could check out books for me. She was most upset when we got home and I had book two finished in a mere two hours and was already reading book three. I think she realized that for the next few decades she was going to invest quite a bit of money in books.

4) My parents weren't readers. They were quite amazed by me. They'd take me to a toy store and say, "Go pick a toy." I'd pick a book. They'd say, "You can have the book, now go pick a toy." We'd do this until I'd have four books and a toy." I was a bit older by then and into Trixie Beldon, Donna Parker, Meg, Robin Kane, and Nancy Drew.

5) Today it's hard to narrow down my favorite reads. Right now I'm reading the latest Potluck Club. I'm reading Shirlee's LIS Protector book. And, I'm reading Twilight.

6) I'm with Cara. The Little House on the Prairie books were constant companions. I reread them to this day. I've probably read them ten times. I wanted to be Laura. As a reader I've always been amazed that the Grandmother's Attic series didn't get the acclaim that Little House on the Prairie did. They were wonderful books. If you have young girls, run to the bookstore and demand that Oleta Richardson's books be back in print.

7) I'm sad Michael Crichton died. I'm sad that Tony Hillerman died. I almost met Tony Hillerman. He was signing at an event I was signing at. I didn't meet him because he had a line. The most famous writer I've met is Ray Bradbury. No, he wouldn't remember me. But, I sure remember him.

Now, I've tagged Cathy McDavid, Kimmi Waters, Lisa Mondello, Terry Fowler, and Connie Flynn


Abi said...

My tag is posted on my blog

Judy said...

Pamela, I can't believe it! Someone else who devoured the "Betsy" books by Carolyn Haywood! I pretended I was Betsy and my sister, Star. (My sister is six years younger than I--same age difference as Betsy & Star.)

Thanks for the memories! :-)

PamelaTracy said...

And I'm thrilled you remembered the author. I almost put it but I kept thinking Carolyn Keene and I knew that was wrong. Oh, how I loved those books. There was one scene where Betsy and Star were making Christmas ornament. My poor mother. I bugged her until we made ornaments. Ummm, it wasn't anywhere near Christmas.

Cathy McDavid said...

Eeek, what am I supposed to do? Blog about this??? Or answer here?

How fun.

Cathy Mc

Mary said...

I identify with your never ending TBR pile. My girls read everything fast and I have to make them not tell me all about the books I have yet to read! I also have at least 3 books going at the same time and I have to have a book (or 2) in the van along with a flashlight(just in case it gets dark) when we go somewhere. Fun tag!