Thursday, June 4, 2009

Anniversay celebration

I recently saw the new STAR TREK Movie. My husband and I stood in line on the opening weekend to see it. It was also our anniversary. We’ve done this before. For our 9th anniversary we stood in line for hours to see THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK. That movie was released in 1980. Now, that might not strike you as romantic, but my husband is a big sci-fi fan. If it is a science fiction movie, my husband eats it up. Ever hear of Doctor Who? I hadn't until I got married. (That's one I still can't abide.) I’ve learned to appreciate certain sci-fi movies over the years. What we do for love.

If you look at both Star Trek and Star Wars you find romance. When I teach the hero’s journey, I use Star Wars. What Luke goes through is a perfect example of the Hero’s Journey, facing obstacles and obtaining the final victory. When I saw THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK all those years ago, and discovered that Darth Vader was Luke’s father, it blew me away. Wow, I wondered what the story was behind Darth Vader and Luke. I never saw the twin thing either with Luke and Leia.

Funny, growing up, I never thought on my anniversary I’d see a sci-fi flick, but then again I never thought I’d fall in love with a geek. Here, here for geeks.


Debby Giusti said...

Hey Leann,
Years ago when I first saw STAR WARS, I never thought the movie would be discussed in so many writing groups! But it's a great example of The Hero's Journey.

Does EMPIRE STRIKES BACK fit Vogler's premise as well?

Sherry K said...

I never thought of Star Wars as being a Hero's Journey but it really does fit. Thanks for the insight!

Sherry K

Leann said...

I hadn't thought about it. I'll watch it again and see if it fits.