Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Dissing the works

A few writer friends recently shared some of their not-so-nice 'fan' mail, readers who have written to express their disappointment. But this blog asks the question,
What if the not-so-nice 'fan' mail went a bit too far? Hmm? (Twilight Zone music, please)
What if the reader went too far? What if the writer went too far when she received that letter?
Now, I'm not endorsing this kind of behavior, so shame on you for thinking that. No way, but the writer in me must ask these questions. I can't help it. It's why writers live, think and write.
So let's go. You read a book. You hate it for whatever reason, then you write in to tell the writer. The mounds of possibilities heap around me, too many to list, and far too dangerous to suggest to those of you who teeter on the brink of insanity. (You know who you are)
What if a fan is found dead and all evidence points to the writer who'd just been dissed?
What if a writer is found dead and all evidence points to a disappointed reader?
But remember, with our books, it's never that simple. And the next time you think of writing to us, remember something.
We may or may not get even, but we will definitely consider it for our next book.

Barbara Phinney, one who is always looking out for story ideas


PamelaTracy said...

It's your fault if Tina gets fourteen proposals on this plotline in the next few weeks LOL

EllenToo said...

I think I would like to read that book so who's going to write it???
Actually if I didn't like a book for whatever reason I would not write a letter/email to the author~I just wouldn't read any more of her/his books so I guess I'd be safe.

Carmen7351 said...

Guess we'll have to only leave good reviews!!! Better than dead!

Barbara Phinney said...
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Barbara Phinney said...

Okay, I'm trying this comment again!
EllenToo, Carmen, let's just say, you're two smart gals! LOL.
As for you, Pam, (You're too funny) I say you write it, okay?
This reminds me of my very active imagination.
When we were building our house, the furnace guy was perpetually putting off his work, until I blew up at him on the phone. And I meant BLEW UP! My very active imagination allowed me to threaten him in a wide variety of ways. I really feel bad at what I said.

Anyway,he came the next day, while I was out, and my husband was shovelling and raking some dirt in front of our house.
The guy said, "I suppose you're digging my grave, aren't you?"
My husband said, "Nope, Barbara dug it. I'm filling it back in before she gets home."

(My husband must have heard my phone call to him.)

SketchGirl said...

That's is too funny Barbara. reminds me of a Beverly Hillbillies Episode where Mrs Drysdale is getting garden for some show ready and granny sees the Dug garden beds and thinks that their graves... until all is resolved by the end of the episode.

EllenToo said...

Loved your husband's comment. He must have a good sense of humor.

Lisa Mondello said...

The movie MISERY just flashed through my mind...

Barbara Phinney said...

Beverley Hillbillies! Misery! What great imaginations!
And yes, my husband has a good sense of humour. Only sometimes, too good!