Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Meeting authors....

Long before I dreamed of being published, I imagined the life of a writer being fascinating...strewn with public appearances, lofty discussions with other writers, and (the best part!) the opportunity to be immersed in writing for days on end--the words flowing effortlessly onto the page. Meeting writers for the first time, at a local Booklover's Luncheon that regularly drew authors from five surrounding states, was a revelation. They all seemed like--gasp--regular people! Friendly, down to earth, and as approachable as could be. It was so exciting!

That year Kimberly Cates, Susan Carroll (who also writes as Susan Coppula and Serena Richards), Leigh Michaels, Cindy Gerard, Kylie Brant, Lindsey Longford and twenty other authors attended. What an inspiration, to hear them each talk about their writing lives! I think that was the day that I began to wonder if it might be possible to become a writer...and hearing them speak about a writer's life certainly dispelled some of my pre-conceived notions, too. (smile)

I just noticed a previous blog entry about some booksigning dates for one of the authors here. Have you ever had a chance to stop by an author booksigning at your local bookstore? So many passers-by are shy at these events, avoiding the author's table because they can't think of a thing to say. Believe me, those authors would love a chance to just talk to you!

And if you live anywhere near Washington DC, you'll have a wonderful opportunity--a booksigning with around four-hundred authors, at the Marriott Wardman Plaza Hotel, on July 15th. A number of the authors on this blog will be there. I'm sure we'll be talking more about it as the time draws closer, but keep it in mind!

Roxanne Rustand


EllenToo said...

I've never been to a booksigning because there are almost none any where close to me.

Leann said...

Roxanne, your post brings back a lot of good memories. I know most of those ladies you mentioned. Of course, I've been doing this a long time.

Carmen7351 said...

We didn't get that many at the Mall of America! Need to come back and bring in the troops! It was a riot! Opened my eyes to a whole new genre of reading. So it payed off to come here to MN, but I wish I were in Washington, DC. Thanks.

debbie m. said...

I would love to be at the book signing, but alas I live too far. However, I have been to some before and they are wonderful. I am an aspiring writer and it is so exciting to meet established authors. I have been dumbstruck before when meeting an author, but it was still worth it.