Monday, June 29, 2009


So you are probably wondering how suspenseful vacations can be? For some a lot. I've had a few over the years that had my heart pounding. One was years ago in London during the rioting of the poll tax. My friend and I came up out of the Tube into the middle of a large gathering of people protesting the tax. Needless to say, we got out of there quickly. Police were everywhere and at that time the protest was still peaceful. We learned later that they soon because violent. When we were going to the airport the next morning, we saw the remains of what happened--cars burned, turned over, litter everywhere, damage to property. I thank the Lord for our timing. If we had been a half an hour later, we could have been really in trouble. The above picture is what the crowd looked like in the streets in 1990. The one below is what happened later when I was safely away.

What adventures have you had on a vacation that got your heart pounding?


Carmen7351 said...

Two involving my husband and son at Boundary Waters Canoe Area:
1. A wild bear was attacking campers, and I had no way of informing them of the danger. They did catch the bear, verifying it by hair in its stomach of a man that was attacked.
2. A convict was loose in the Boundary Waters. Again, had no way to alert them. They came home safe, convict never found.

Margaret Daley said...

Carmen, my what a vacation! Two incidents in one place. I'm glad you came home safe.

PamelaTracy said...

Here in Arizona, we've had lots of fires over the last few years. Twice, one with family and once alone, as I've been heading to Nebraska (hometown), we've (I've) driven where the fire was visible and made me put foot to the metal.
Other than that the only time my heart pounded while on vacation was when I fell into the Colorado River.

Debby Giusti said...

Your photos reminded me of my college days during the riots at Ohio State in the 70s. Cars burning, pepper gas seepiing into my sorority house, police SWAT teams charging down the middle of the street, bullets firing, riots breaking out, unrest everywhere.

Lisa Mondello said...

Wow. That's amazing, Margaret. I'm glad you escaped safely. I can't recall ever having a suspenseful vacation. I locked my keys out of the car when I was camping. A moose passed right by our tent. But no mishaps. Just heavy feet in the middle of the night.