Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Keeping things in balance

A friend recently asked me if the delusions of grandeur were getting to me.

Well, I'm here to set the record straight on this.

I don't have time for grandeur. But I wish I did.

I do not sit on a pink chaise and eat bon bons, dictating to a secretary. But I wish I did.

I have chickens, cats, multiple gardens, and a rejection from my editor. Right now, my hair is sticking up all over the place and last night I went to a going away party and bellied up to the dessert table completely forgetting my personal pledge to myself not to eat anything. I talked to a friend there and we ate and ate and ate.

No delusions of grandeur or of dieting. But I wish I did.

I'd be slimmer, more famous and have a contract.

On a more serious note, I know that rejections and life get in the way of my writing career, and I know there's little money for our trip to Bolivia, but I have to say I'm pretty blessed.

Let's take yesterday for instance. It was a gorgeous day and I loved the smell of spring in the air. Now those of you who live in places where sunny skies and warm temps are taken as the norm, they are so infrequent here that we actually consider shutting down the province and celebrating them. They are so incredibly precious to us here.

But there are other things I am thankful for. One of our cats delivered a snowy white kitten with a gray tail and one black ear. But though she's not nursing it, another mum who recently lost her babies has taken on the responsibility, and loving it. Now, isn't that precious?

And my spinach is growing in the garden, my flowers are blooming, not minding the weeds at all, and my allergies are doing just fine all things considered.

I'm blessed.

Look around. Are there things for which you consider yourself blessed?


PamelaTracy said...

Grandeur is not in my life either. I'm sitting on a black chair and drinking a Diet Dr Pepper. I'm thinking peanut butter and jelly for lunch. I don't have a secretary, but my husband is a plumber and work is slow so he keeps coming in and distracting me from my writing, but since I'm beside you on the "rejection from my editor" highway, I'm sure you understand. As for dieting, why wasn't I just born skinny.

Barbara Phinney said...

Pamela, we'll hook arms and skip down the rejection highway together.