Thursday, May 20, 2010

Where did Mr. Darcy go?

Ah, Mr. Darcy! Dana Mentink here and I just watched Pride and Prejudice with my teen who recently finished reading the book. Darcy is the consummate brooding hero, is he not? It put me in mind of some other literary heroes; Heathcliff from Wuthering Heights, Jane Eyre’s Mr. Rochester and even the dashing Rhett Butler. They share some commonalities, the handsome, intelligent man who marches to his own drummer. He’s strong, somewhat rebellious and, in the Byronic hero, mysterious and sophisticated. You don’t see this type of hero to often in movies or TV. these days but I’m hoping the delicious Mr. Darcy type hero is alive and where somewhere in literature.

Can you suggest any to add to the list besides Darcy, Rochester, Heathcliff and Butler? Do tell!


Anonymous said...

MMM!!! Darcy and Rochester! My two favorite heroes!

I can't really come up with any classic lit heroes like that, but I have a modern one I think fit the type. I think Logan, from X-Men, is kind of like them.


Dana Mentink said...

That's true. Kind of the tortured hero type.

rbooth43 said...
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rbooth43 said...

My favorite hero is Castle played by Nathan Fillion on the Tv show. I have read Richard Castle's book Heat Wave. Great book!