Monday, May 24, 2010

Today's Woman versus Today's Writer

Pamela Tracy here, thinking about who I am and what I could be. I love this rhyme.

Wash on Monday
Iron on Tuesday
Bake on Wednesday
Brew on Thursday
Churn on Friday
Mend on Saturday
Go to meeting on Sunday

I don't know about you, but I do the laundry every day. It's called having two kids. One is five; the other is forty. My husband claims I can't blame him; after all, I'm the one who won't use the same towel twice. I respond that I've come a long way from my teenage years where I used two towels after every bath. See, I didn't want the towel that touched my feet to also touch my hair. What can I say: I was raised an only child. As for ironing: on average, I get down the iron once every six months. To me, wrinkles are in. WAIT! Wrinkles on clothes that is. I like to bake, when the mood strikes. I buy cookbooks about baking. And, about once every three months, a concoction appears - usually cookies or brownies and almost always from a mix. Brew? I'm not sure what that means. Churn... I know this thanks to Laura Ingalls. Probably the modern equivelent would be grocery shopping. Yes, I do this, sometimes once a week; sometimes twice a week. I like grocery shopping if I'm alone. I notice if my five-year-old comes with me, I spend more. Mend. Nope, nope, nope. Last time I found a hole, my birth mother snitched it. I did, at one time, have a place for items that needed mending, but after a few years, I realized that I'd never mend them so gave them away. I do crochet, though, and love love love it. Meeting. Yes, give me a gold star. On Sunday's we go to church. I get to sit in Bible class and learn. Yesterday we were talking about Moses and his father-in-law Jethro and Jethro advising Moses to let some of the Israelites take leadership roles.

Actually, though, the ryhme doesn't describe me. So, I've made a new one. One that does fit me a bit more.

Brainstorm and Reseach on Monday
Outline and Plot on Tuesday
First Draft and Critique Group on Wednesday
Edit, Proofread, and Revise on Thursday
Polish and send to agent/editor on Friday
Revisions on Saturday
Go to meeting on Sunday and PRAY.


Amber Scott said...

Man, oh, Man! So true! I like churn for ideas but no homemade butter for me, thanks very much.

PamelaTracy said...

Thanks for dropping by, Amber. I think I'd like to churn, once.