Friday, May 7, 2010

What to do after a break ...

Hi, there! Liz Johnson back again with yet another confession. (Y'all are going to think that all I do is break rules and confess about it.) I haven't written anything but blogs in over 3 weeks.

Yep, I'm under contract, with a July 15th deadline to finish my third Love Inspired Suspense book, but I haven't been able to write. It hasn't been writers block or laziness keeping me from my manuscript. It's been life. First a new job, then there was a move across the country, then a trip to see my new nephew and help my sister, then a flood that has ravaged my new hometown.

There was no way I could write as I watched the Nashville flood waters behind my house rise all weekend as the rain just wouldn't stop. And now there is so much to do to help the people of Nashville.

So what do you do when life keeps you from the writing?

Seriously, I need advice and help. I've completely lost my writing stride, but I have to get back on track. I have a deadline to meet.

I think my first step is recognize that I will be distracted right now. I will have other things--important things--requiring my attention and time, so for the time being, I have to embrace that. And then I have to figure out how to take what time I do have available and focus as much on writing during that time as I can. While that is truly freeing, I can't help but worry.

Will the real suspense of my next book actually be whether I can finish it on time?


Sherri M said...

Praying for you and your family involved in dealing with the floods. I hope your home was okay during all this, and that you didn't lose and family or friends.

I have never written a book, so my opinion is just an opinion, not experience. I guess I would ask, what makes you feel creative and motivated? For me, when I'm writing poetry, painting, or any other creative endeavor; I usually start by shopping in Hobby Lobby or Michaels. That seems to get my creative juices flowing. Since I felt the urge to write, I have started rereading every book I own. The more I read, the more stories, ideas, characters, and motivation comes to me. The downside is I have not completed one full story before another pops in my head. :)

PamelaTracy said...

We're watching the telly and seeing the flood waters. This flood sort of snuck up on me. New Orleans was so in your face, and Nashville is understated. Put your angst in the book. You'll be amazed.

Liz Ann said...

Thanks for the suggestions, ladies! Sherri, I undrestand your struggle to finish a story before another idea pops in. I've dealt with that, too. Hang in there and focus.

Pamela, put the angst into the story? No one would want to read that. :) But I'll try to use what I feel to make the emotions deeper. Definitely. Thanks again!

And thanks for your prayers for Nashville.