Wednesday, December 1, 2010

By Barbara Phinney
We've run out of coffee! I woke up this morning to find that my husband had resorted to the coffee substitute in which I often indulge late in the evening. I blame my daughter, with her university paper due today. She made a pot for herself last night. So any mistakes in this post, take them to her!!!
Seriously, after I had gasped at my husband, he said, "Doesn't bother me", I began to think on my need for caffeine. His parents are the same as he is, as they can get off the java without headaches, as easily as he can, whilst I drag my feet around all day and hold my head.
So, along those lines and early in the morning, without coffee, I have asked myself, "Do I rely on the Lord the same way I rely on coffee?" Am I addicted to the Lord?
With the word 'addicted' having such a negative connotation, maybe I should use another one? But maybe not? Words are, after all, just words. Maybe we should be 'addicted'? Maybe we should be relying on our Lord for all we're worth. I had a pleasure of listening to a Wycliffe speaker, once, and she admitted that yes, she waits until things get really bad before she prays, too.
The first thing in the morning, I have a coffee. But maybe I should be 'shuffling' over to the Lord first, getting my 'jolt' of Him first thing. Use His love for us as my pick-me-up.
I bet this post is making some of you uncomfortable. All this talk of addiction mixing with God and His eternal love for us, it's making me squirm, too.
But God wants us to meditate on His precepts day and night. We should crave God the most, above coffee, fame, security, love, the computer, even romance novels. He will set all the other things in their proper perspective. We can even use uncomfortable words because the Author and Perfector of our faith is also the Author of all, including squirmy little words.
Coffee is fine. Just rely on the Lord more. He's the best pick-me-up I know.


SueG said...

I do, I do -- he blesses me every morning thru prayer - lovely post!

PamelaTracy said...

I agree, lovely post. For me, it's Diet Dr. Pepper. I'm drinking one now.

Lisa Mondello said...

I'm a coffee girl. I would have been gasping for air if I'd seen an empty coffee can and then headed down to Cumberland Farms or Dunkin Donuts talking to Jesus along the way.

Barbara Phinney said...

Lisa, you're hilarious! I live too far from town to go out, and my dear sweet SIL next door doesn't drink coffee.
But all is well. My husband returned home with coffee and I've had a lovely prayer filled day.