Monday, December 13, 2010

Merry Christmas-special moments

Hi, from Margaret Daley. I wanted to tell everyone Merry Christmas now because I won't post until after Christmas the next time. This year has been a busy and challenging year. I have reached a couple of goals I wanted to fulfill. But in reaching them they have given me a whole new set of challenges.

I went to granddaughter #3's first school program this past week. She is 3 and a half and her preschool put on a Christmas program. It was so much fun. I thought she might just stand up there and not sing at all, but she did the hand movements and sang through the whole song. I may have a performer on my hands. These kind of moments make Christmas so special. What are some special moments you have had either this year or in the past?


Dana Mentink said...

Well, I'd say watching my young lady sing in church was a highlight so far and putting up our ancient artificial tree always brings back memories because I got engaged next to that old thing! Thank you for the Christmas wishes and same to you, Margaret.

Susan Sleeman said...

Christmas is filled with so many special memories and highlights for me, but so far this year, I am so excited that my daughter is home from college. She goes to school in Oregon and we live in Florida, so we don't see her often enough. Enjoying every minute with her.