Thursday, December 2, 2010

Christmas Lights

One of the added joys of the Christmas Season is the lights everyone puts out. Now, personally, my husband and I don't do the outside lights, but lots of people in the neighborhood do.
One of the nicest displays is a shopping center close by. I love their display and made my husband take me to dinner so we could get pictures. I hope you enjoy.


Lynette Eason said...

We don't do outside lights either, but I sure do love to look at them. There's a family in our neighborhood we call "the Griswolds". Seriously, Clark Griswold has nothing on them. But we always make time almost each night to ride by and look at them. We always seem to find something new. Thanks for sharing!

Ramona Richards said...

I do love the displays. Came on a fantastic one by accident the other night, and it really launched my Christmas spirit a little higher. I always associate them with my dad and the whole season.

Leann said...

Aside from not putting up lights, our trees is artificial. We tried a real one the first year we were married and my husband couldn't tolerate the smell. (He had a run-in with a cedar tree as a teen trying to cut it down and being covered with sap.) We ended up putting our little Charlie Brown tree, decorated, on the porch of our apartment.