Thursday, December 16, 2010

Yuletide Confession

Hi, I'm Ramona and I have a confession: I'm not a very Christmasy person.

I know, I know - that's almost like admitting that you collect cat recipes or make fun of babies. Truth is, I'm not much for decorating ANY time of year and for the most part, I view cute things that sit around the house as cute things that need to be dusted . . . which is another thing I do about twice a year. A "homemaker" I'm not. And I hate shopping, and being "forced" to shop because of a day makes me nuts. (I'm usually the designated babysitter on Black Friday.)

But before you think I'm a total Scrooge, let me tell you what I do enjoy about this season.

1) Christmas music. I'm a nut about it. Could listen to it (and sometimes do) all year round. Corny or inspiring, it makes me smile.

2) The special worship services. I ADORE the Christmas Eve service, with its quiet reflection (and music). I like cantatas and kids programs and food. I love worshiping the birth of Christ.

3) I love the way people go around wishing other folks happiness (or "merriness").

4) Lawn lights. Yeah, it may be tacky, but that's OK. Lights with music....even better. My house may be dark and undecorated, but you will find me wandering the streets next week, looking for them...and grinning.

This last one, lawn lights, does take me back to my childhood, when my dad would take my brother and me out looking for the lights on Christmas Eve. When we got back, we'd missed Santa! Mother would tell us all about the visit and we'd dive into the presents. Even long after neither of us believed in Santa.

So I leave you with a video that combines a lot of my favorites. I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

Merry Christmas!


Leann said...

Oh, wow,Romona, that is way cool. I love the video. Thank you.

Liz Johnson said...

Great video! I love the Christmas music, too. I wish I'd remember to pull it out in July when I need a boost. :)