Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve traditions

Hello, all. Dana Mentink here, looking forward to some lovely holiday traditions on this Christmas Eve day. I just love this day, mostly because of the sweet family service at church. My youngest will be doing a reading and lighting the advent candle so I'll probably cry. Just being there, singing together, worshipping together warms me in my soul. Before we leave for church, my husband concocts his famous herb pizza dough and the kiddos each make their own personal pizza. In the fridge it goes and after church, into the oven! Christmas Eve pizza for everyone! There's a Christmas movie to be watched, a bible reading to be enjoyed and the girls open their present to each other. So much fun and joy in one twenty four hour period! What special things to you enjoy on Christmas Eve?


Lynette Sowell said...

My husband and I are hosting our 15th annual Christmas Eve open house tonight. After the Christmas Eve service, we invite EVERYONE to come by to eat goodies, have coffee and celebrate together before going our separate ways. Our "family" is so large. We've had as many as 65 come through in one evening. :)

Dana Mentink said...

Oh that's such a neat idea! We had our first Christmas ladies open house here this week and it was such fun just visiting with folks that I don't always get to see over the holiday. Thanks for sharing, Lynette. I'm surprised you have time! Merry Christmas!