Sunday, April 17, 2011

The Great Easter Bunny Heist, Part Seven, by Pamela Tracy

Richard had two choices. He could take out the man in the boat and save Mrs. Candy and maybe finally return the Russian egg. Or, he could hurry to Ellie.

His feet were halfway to Ellie before his mind fully registered he had a choice. Behind him, the rev of the boat’s engine got dimmer and dimmer.

“I can’t believe it,” Ellie sputtered, getting up before he reached her. “In every romantic novel, every romantic movie, whenever there’s a chase scene, the heroine trips right before the bad guy gets her.”

Richard looked behind her. “No bad guy.”

“I know. The bad guy was running away from us, not chasing us, and still, what did I do? Trip!”

“Well, there was the gunshot,” Richard said glumly. “That’s enough to make a person stumble.”

“Gunshot.” Ellie went pale. I thought the boat backfired.”

Richard shook his head and looked her over carefully. “I take it nothing is broken.”

“Only my pride.”

“Doesn’t the Bible say pride cometh before a fall’?”

“Actually,” Ellie said, “Proverbs says that pride goes before destruct-.”

She didn’t get the whole word out.

A deafening blast shook the airwaves.

Instinctively, Richard had Ellie’s head in the top of his hand and was pushing her to the ground, shielding her body with his. But, the debris from boat’s explosion didn’t make it to the docks. It rained back down on the water.


Terri Reed said...

uh-oh, the boat blew up!!! Where's the egg? Poor Mrs. Candy.

PamelaTracy said...

Clear up until I did the scripture about destruction, I'd intended poor Elle to have simply tripped over a clue, but that wasn't destrustive enough!

Lenora said...

Wow, I go away for a couple of days and the boat blows up!!!!

Now I have to know what is going to happen next!!!