Thursday, April 7, 2011

Law and Order--UK

I am a fan of Law & Order. It was a great series. Of course the last couple of years I wasn't as eager to watch it. So, I was channel surfing and ran across BBC America and there was Law and Order-UK. Wow, what fun. The first time I watched it, it took me to about half-way through the program to understand what everyone was saying. It's training your ear.

It was neat to see how police and the court system works in the UK. Seeing the wigs--completely British--on the judges and prosecutors is fun to watch. (It would make me think twice about being a lawyer in England.)
Of course, after watching a couple of episodes, I recognized the scripts from the Law & Order first broadcast here. Still, it is fun. Have a look. It is on BBC America on Friday nights.
Leann Harris


Terri Reed said...

Very cool! My family is heading to London late this summer. I can't wait!!

Leann said...

Lucky dog. I wish I could go with you. Last time I was in London was '84. Oooh, that dates me.

Lynette said...

Love this show. My husband ran across it a couple of months ago. Have fun in London, Terri!