Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Great Easter Bunny Heist -- Part Ten by Debby Giusti

Richard edged the boat closer and then jumped back into the water. Swimming with sure strokes, he neared the bubbling mass.

“Be careful,” Ellie warned. She worried her fingers and said a quick prayer for Richard’s safety.

Reaching out his hand, he grabbed the floating blob of…


A face surfaced.

“It’s Mrs. Candy,” Ellie screamed with relief.

Richard wrapped his arm around the woman’s limp body and swam toward the boat. With Ellie’s help, he lifted her onboard and climbed in after her.

Working quickly, Ellie pressed down on Mrs. Candy’s sternum. She sputtered water and gasped for air.

Her eyes blinked open. “The egg!” she moaned.

Ellie looked questioningly up at Richard and then back at the water-soaked woman. “Where is the egg?”

Grabbing the side of the boat, Mrs. Candy pulled herself up to a sitting position and stared at the choppy sea. “Marcus had it initially.”

“Who’s Marcus?” Ellie and Richard asked in unison.

“A Russian spy. He stole a flash drive containing U.S. secrets and hid it in a waterproof pouch inside the egg.”

“And J.J.?” Ellie pictured the dead man in the bunny suit.

“CIA. He convinced me to help him nab Marcus.”

Ellie shook her head in amazement. “I thought J.J. stole the egg.”

Mrs. Candy nodded. “Marcus planned the heist. He wanted to kill you and torch your shop.”

Ellie’s heart fluttered. “Oh my!”

“Luckily, J.J. got there first.”

Richard took Ellie’s hand. “Marcus was in a wetsuit, but he can’t stay hidden long.”

A wave washed against the boat. Mrs. Candy gasped. “Look.”

Ellie and Richard followed her gaze. A woman’s purse floated to the surface.

Mrs. Candy eye’s widened. “I secreted the egg inside my handbag.”

Another wave washed the bag closer. Ellie leaned over the side of the boat, hoping to snag the purse. Before her fingers wrapped around the leather strap, something grabbed her hand and yanked her into the water. She struggled to free herself, but in the blink of an eye, she was pulled under.

“Ellie!” Richard screamed.

Her last thoughts were of Richard's handsome face and how much she wanted to attend Easter services with him and spend the rest of the day wrapped in his arms.


Barbara Phinney said...

Oh, my! What a wonderful story so far! Stay tuned for tomorrow's wrap up.

Lynette Eason said...

oooh! nice job, Debby! Love it!

Lisa Mondello said...

Fantastic! I can't wait for the wrap up tomorrow!

Debby Giusti said...

What's going to happen to Ellie?

Will Richard be able to save her?

Or will Marcus get Ellie and the egg?

Oh my! My heart's fluttering like Ellie's was.


Terri Reed said...

Nice twists!!!