Wednesday, April 6, 2011

It's like pulling a tractor trailer

I heard one that it's easy to pull a tractor trailer because there is so little friction. The hard part is getting it started.
Isn't that a reflection of our lives? It's hard to start to diet and exercise but once you're doing it and into a routine, it's much easier.
It's easy to clean your house. You just have to get up and do it.
Work on a Monday morning? Ug.
For me, this next book is like that. I've written a simple synopsis and know my opening scene, but it's hard to get it started.
Last night, I tried for the umpteenth time to start it, but it felt flat. I had to shove away from the computer, take an Advil for the headache that had plagued me all day, and go watch TV. I ended up staying up late and sleeping in, leaving me blah about starting it again.
I'm starting to depress myself.
How do all of you get yourselves moving? I just have to force myself, coaxing my mind with promises of a rest later.
And now, behind as I sit at my computer, that semi awaits. I gotta hit it head on.

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