Monday, April 18, 2011

The Great Easter Buny Heist - Part Eight by Lynette Eason

“Mrs. Candy!” Ellie screamed, horror flooding her to her soul. Even if the woman had stolen the egg, Ellie sure didn’t want to see her blown up. Richard helped her to her feet and Ellie watched the boat burn. She spun to Richard. “Was she on that boat?”
“I don’t know—“ his eyes narrowed and he stepped forward, moving closer to stare at the water. “Do you see that?”
“What?” Ellie strained to see what he was pointing at.
And then she saw it.
“Someone’s swimming to shore!”
Richard grabbed her hand. “Come on!”
Together, they raced to another boat. Richard held his ID in front of the man’s face. “Police. I need to use this boat. Do you mind?”
The guy stared for a brief moment.
“He’s getting away!” Ellie pointed. Sure enough the man was getting closer to the bank.
The crowd had gathered, gawking and pointing.
Sirens sounded.
The man jumped from his boat to the dock. “Take it.” He tossed the keys to Richard.
Richard snagged them from mid air and hopped into the boat. Ellie was right behind him.
Heart in her throat, she kept her eye on the man on the opposite shore. Dressed in black, he moved through the water like a skilled swimmer.
Richard cranked the boat and gunned the motor. Ellie slammed backward into the seat.
At the sound of the boat, the man in the water turned, saw the craft bearing down on him and moved faster.
Who was it? Did she know him?
Or was it a “her” with really short hair?
“Grab the wheel!” Richard shouted at her.
She gulped. Drive the boat? But he didn’t give her any choice. Now almost on top of the person who’d escaped from the exploding boat, Ellie moved over and grabbed the wheel. Then Richard threw himself from the side and on top of the fugitive.
“Richard!” She couldn’t see what was happening and did her best to keep the boat steady.
She cut the engine and darted to the side. The two figures went under.
And stayed there.
Terror choked her. “Richard!” Still no sign of him.
Had she lost him again? Only this time forever?


Leann said...

Oh, this is so exciting with lots of twists. Is that Mrs. Candy?

Margaret Daley said...

Great cliffhanger!!

Lenora said...

A man in the water?? Who is he? Or is it Mrs. Candy with very short hair? Does she have the prize egg?

Okay now I want some more chocolate!!!

Lisa Mondello said...

I can't wait for tomorrow's installment! This is so good. Pass the chocolate, Lenora!

Cara Putman said...

This has been such fun to read! But writing the next installment wasn't easy!

Terri Reed said...

A new twist! Love it!