Monday, December 29, 2008

Top Ten Books of 2008 According to People Magazine and Pam's Thoughts

I'm sitting here with People Magazine's "Tops of 2008". This year's Fan Faves. I'm a minority or maybe I'm just not a fan. Of the top movies, I only saw two. The Indiana Jones movie and Madagascar. LOL, but then again, I think I only saw two theator movies last year. Of the television shows, I only watch one: CSI. Of the popular songs, none, nada, never heard of any of them. But books, ah, the top ten books of the year. Let's see what I (we) think. Here they are, according to People:

1. The Shack
2. The Appeal
3. The Host
4. The Friday Night Knitting Club
5. Water for Elephants
6. The Kite Runner
7. Playing for Pizza
8. Fearless Fourteen
9. The Lucky One
10. 7th Heaven

1. Okay, I purchased The Shack, started it, made it to page ten. Everyone I know adored the book. Now, I have a small child so the taking of a small child is not something I 'want' to read about. Maybe that's why it went back in my pile. The fact that I did not give it away tells me I'll try again, but, unfortunately, it didn't grab me the first time.
2. I'm way behind on my John Grisham's. I will read The Appeal, but I'm still working on The Jury. Blame above small child for my being behind. I don't think I've been disappointed in a John Grisham yet.
3. As for The Host. I recently read Twilight, and fully intend to see the movie this holiday break. I've purchased the second one and it resides in my top ten candidates for To-Be-Read-Next books. I liked Twilight.
4. I have the first installment of the Friday Night Knitting Club. It's in my TBR pile. You need to understand my TBR pile. If I read a book a day for the rest of my life and lived to be 108, I still wouldn't get through. Still, I need to find this one (It's not just in my TBR piles, it's buried in my TBR pile). Good premise.
5. Water for Elephants was probably one of the top three books I read in 2008. I carried it around, could not put it down, and thought to myself "Why didn't I think of this!" I aspire to write this caliber. Oh, I do have one problem with it. I keep trying to say Like Water for Elephants because years ago I read Like Water for Chocolate.
6. I read The Kite Runner years ago, at least two. We were on a Christmas trip to Lake Havasu, and I loved the book so much I was reading in the car (which always gives me headaches). I understand why it's still a bestseller. It's a riveting book. As for me, I'd cut one scene (The Ick Factor). The year I read this, it was in my top three.
7. I don't have Playing for Pizza and it's in the maybe zone. I'm still trying to read his Skipping Christmas.
8. Ah, and now we have Janet Evanovich... There was a time I was a die-hard Stephanie Plum fan. Yup, if you asked me for my must-buy, read-immediately author, it was Evanovich. I will buy Fourteen, in paperback, and it will probably go by my bed, which means it will get read in a timely fashion. Evanovich is one of the best comedic writers. I've read 1 - 13.
9. I'm trying to remember if I've read Nicholas Sparks or just seen his movies. I'm pretty sure I read Message in a Bottle and adored it. His movie about the elderly people with James Garner is a favorite (even though the title escapes me now). I wasn't impressed with Rhodanza [sp?] although I'd take the house by the beach.
10. James Patterson... hmmm, my agent has suggested I read him. Maybe I'll pick up 7th Heaven. This is a writer I've just plain missed, mostly due to time restraints.

Okay, guys, which one's have you read and what do you think?


EllenToo said...

The only one of those books I've read in Janet Evanovich's "Farless Fourteen" and it was ok. I've read the first 14 books of hers.

PamelaTracy said...

They are a hoot. Gramma is my favorite character. I think I enjoy the family more than the plots sometimes.

Margaret Daley said...

I have to admit I haven't read any of those books. Most of them aren't my cup of tea. Sadly I don't have as much time to read as I wish.

PamelaTracy said...

When I go back and really calculate, I've only really read two and one of those wasn't this past year. I read a lot more before I became a writer. I really read a lot more before I became a mother.

Mary said...

I may read the Grisham books, my DH enjoys his books. The rest just aren't my "thing". I really prefer Christian fiction. I've read many reviews of The Shack and I have no interest in it at all. Interesting post!