Thursday, September 17, 2009

A Blaze with color

Hey, readers. This is Leann Harris. I am in Denver as I write this at ACFW yearly conference. I am in heaven. Why? I grew up in Denver and love the city. It is a city where you are never lost. It you can see the mountains, you know what direction you are going. The mountains are West.
I also love the smell of Autumn. There is something in the air—someone once told me it was sage--that is the most wonderful smell. When I smell that aroma, I know Fall is upon us, and colors are wonderful. The yellow of aspens, vibrant red and orange of maples. Where I live now, there is no such thing burst of color.
Also in Denver, you can smell rain. It is the sweetest of all smells. I’ve lived in Houston and you can’t smell anything.
And the last thing I love about Denver is you can see the stars. My children have never really seen the Milky Way. When I was a kid, I’d lie out in the summer and find all the constellations.
So what am I going to do this week? Go outside, smell the wonderful smells the Autumn, look at the night sky, maybe drive down the street where I grew up or go up into the Rockies and let my heart sing. If I could convince my husband to move, I would. But I’m not holding my breath.


Anonymous said...

Enjoyed reading the comments.
I was born in Colorado over on the Western slope so I really love the colorful area. My grandfather had a sheep ranch where Snowmass mountain is today. Who knew it would be a popular ski area?

Linda said...

I think Denver is one of the places I would live. It's close to MN weather. The other is Flagstaff. But Denver is so gorgeous with the mountains and snow!