Friday, September 11, 2009

A Day of Remembering

Carol Steward here. We all have them, days that bring back memories so vivid that we get goosebumps all over again. Today is one of them. For those who weren't alive during WWII, or even those of us who were tiny when Kennedy was assasinated, this is the event to equal Pearl Harbor.

Even though I live in the Rocky Mountains, my editors are in New York City. In many ways, lives of those I dearly care for were touched by the events of that day as well. I remember the stoplight I was sitting at when I first heard the news of 9-11. I was a few minutes late leaving for work, so I first heard the news of an airplane hitting the World Trade Center on the radio. When coworkers arrived a few minutes later, with the news of the second hit, and the hit to the Pentagon, we were stunned to silence. Then the crash in Pennsylvania. It is times like this that bring out our faith. We gathered in prayer, in our public office. No one could focus on work, though we stayed together, in our state of shock as we watched the worst suspense story unfold like an unwritten script. Except it was very, very real.

Even that night in my sleep, it was my first thought when I heard an airplane flying over the city. There was a no-fly order. Who was it? Probably a military plane. And the chills went on - for days, months, years. Eight years now, another day in history that changed our nation.

A day to remember the loss of life and loved ones, and those who miraculously survived. A day to hold our loved ones close and never miss a chance to let them know how much they mean to us. A day to remember....

God Bless, All.

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Project Journal said...

I remember I was in 4th grade when the planes hit. Our principal came into every classroom, alerting every teacher and paraprofessional of what had happened. That night, at home, I was afraid that planes were going to crash into our second story. I kept this to myself, however, feeling that I had to be brave for my younger sister by two years. It was such a scary time.
Thank you for a wonderful post,