Monday, September 14, 2009

Caution: Writing is addictive

Hi all, Lynette Eason here. I just got back from Disney World! Actually, it was Hollywood Studios and Universal Studios. And it was just my husband and ME. That's right. No kids. Amazing how much fun a theme park can be when you have absolutely NO responsibility at all. I rode the rides, ate funnel cakes, laughed at the people on the roller coasters, sat through Twister, Disaster, Jaws, and Shrek in 4D (now that was scary!)

And what fun! I met up with fellow Steeple Hill authors, Louise Gouge and Susan Sleeman. We had lunch Wednesday at Wolfgang Puck's restaurant in Downtown Disney. I highly recommend that place if you're ever there. I got the chicken fettucine alfredo. (Or however you spell it.) Fabulous! Then we all came back to where I was staying and had a mini brainstorming session and a lot of chatting. What a great time of getting to know some wonderful ladies. And we didn't take one stinking picture! Sorry.

So anyway, back to something I learned this week. I can't leave the writing behind. Oh no. It was with me through every twist and turn. Standing in line at Disaster, I plotted out an entire story. Yeah, see, there was this man in line. All by himself. He had on khaki pants, KHAKI PANTS, y'all. Come on, who wears PLEATED khaki pants to a theme park?? And dress shoes. Uh huh. You read it right. Spit shined black leather dress shoes. And a LONG SLEEVED patterned shirt. It was ONE HUNDRED DEGREES! I had on shorts and short sleeves and was sweating buckets and this guy had on what I just described to you.

So, I'm watching him. And he's watching the people in front of us. And I'm thinking: This guy is going to blow up the ride. SERIOUSLY! I continue to watch him. He's just standing there. And I'm like getting nervous.
My husband asks, "What's wrong?"
I whisper in his ear, "That guy right there?"
Hubby dutifully turns to look and I grab his chin and hiss, "Don't look!"
He says, "Okay."
I say,"He's gonna bomb the ride. See, it's a plan. He's one of a group of terrorists who've planned to blow up all of the scary rides at the park and they're doing it all at the same time. I bet their watches are even synchronized."
"Oh, okay. So, do you have your pen and paper?"
"Of course."
"Be sure to take notes, you might can use it in a book."
Well, duh.
"I'm not getting on that ride if he does," I say.
Hubby laughs. "You've got to be kidding me. We've been standing in line for 30 minutes."
I wasn't kidding and I didn't care how long we'd been standing in line. If he got on the ride, I was walking the other way.
I continue watching.
The guy reaches into his pocket and pulls out...his Blackberry. He answers it and shoots out of line to go running down the sidewalk! NO, I'm NOT kidding.
I look at hubby, he looks at me.
I shrug. "I guess their plan was aborted for some reason."
"Uh yeah, I guess." A pause. "So, are we riding now?"

Ah, the mind of a writer. I could go on and on with more examples of how my mind never shuts off. Ideas are everywhere! And I can't seem to stop gathering them no matter how hard I try. And to be honest, I guess I don't try very hard. Maybe one day I'll be normal again, but...I'm not holding my breath.

So, do you have days like this? Where were you when inspiration struck you and had to laugh because only a writer would come up with it?

Happy Monday!



PamelaTracy said...

Maybe one day I'll be normal again, but...

Just so you know... you'll never be normal again.

GunDiva said...

It's nice to know I'm not the only one. Thanks for the affirmation :)

EllenToo said...

I really admire your husband if he still goes places with you when you come up with ideas like that in public and even say them out loud where others can hear. I envision someone notifying a security guard that there's a crazy woman roaming the park.

Linda said...

Sounds like a great twist. He was probably security. But I sure wish I had your realm of imagination! Sounds like fun to be able to create a story from all that.

ladystorm said...

Its hard to turn off your imaginations..but I had to laugh at your description of the man because the church I go to most of them come from a Holiness back ground (I don' But that about described my pastor..long sleeves, long pants right in the middle of

Barbara Phinney said...

Great comments so far. I'm sure he was just a conservative man holding the line for his wife who took the kids to the bathroom, only to find out one of them has finally thrown up the funnel cake they ate for lunch.
But what I want to know is Did you ever see him again? He's got to have stuck out like a sore thumb!
Ooh, just a thought, did you go to The Holy Land Experience? Might have seen him there.

Project Journal said...

LOL! Great post and comments! You made me long to go to Disney again. I guess I know what I can daydream about tommorow... : )

Lynette Eason said...

LOL! You guys are great. Thanks for stopping by. And Ellen, I promise I didn't say that loud enough for anyone but my husband to hear! And no, I never saw the guy again. And I was really being facetious (sp?) about the whole thing. I would have gotten on the ride even if he hadn't gone running off. Probably.

And no, we didn't do the Holy Land Experience this time. But I sure wanted to! It was just a lack of time...sigh. Next time definitely.

Happy Daydreaming, Hannah.

Thanks again, y'all!


Valri said...

Loved your most recent book! It was a great read!