Tuesday, September 15, 2009

How I spent my summer vacation

Linda Hall

How did you spend your summer vacation? Remember those essays we would have to write on our first day of school? So, how did you spend your summer vacation.

I spent mine - Writing. I never stopped writing.

Well, not exactly.

We have a sailboat and we sailed up the east coast in May and June. Then it was back down to the RWA and a family wedding on the Outer Banks of NC in July. Then it was home to more sailing. One of the highlights was having our 6 tear old grandson stay with us. We had so much fun that week.

So, why did I say ‘writing’. I guess it’s because we writers never turn our brains off. On the boat, I had my notebook with me. Down in North Carolina I spent a lovely afternoon on the beach - working on my novel. And if I’m not actively writing, I’m coming up with ideas and more ideas and writing them down. On long car trips my husband and I brainstorm. I’m sure we’ve had a few waitresses wonder at our restaurant conversations.

“But if he puts the body in the trunk, how does she find it?”
“But if he stole all that money and got away, why would he kill her?”

Ah, the conversations we have!

So, even when I’m sitting watching dolphins swim beside our boat, even when I’m admiring the scenery, there is a part of my brain which is always ‘writing.’ I think that’s the curse - or blessing - of being a writer.

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Debby Giusti said...

Nothing's wasted, right, Linda?

Love your photo! I want to be you for a weekend! :)