Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Photos from ACFW

Since this is my first post here since the ACFW conference, here are some photos from the conference earlier this month. This first one was from the early bird. Almost 300 people participated in this workshop with Don Maas on Writing the Breakout Novel. It. Was. Incredible!

Seriously, if my conference had ended there, I would have still received my money's worth. If I'm not a better writer after this -- say it with me -- I'm a lazy writer!

I'm in the purple sweater, Jenny B. Jones is in front of me looking away from the camera, and fellow Hoosier Ronda Wells is next to me.

This next photo is one Dr. Richard Mabry snapped while Don Maass and I chatted a moment before his introduction. Did I mention that Robin Miller (check out the trailor for her book on her site) asked me literally two minutes ahead of time to introduce one of the most famous men in writing? Ack!

Fortunately a lady right there in the front row had both of his writing books, so I grabbed them and started talking. Seriously, who wants to hear me blather on when a man with his wisdom is in the room.

Then this is a photo of me with writing pal Tina Forkner. One of the best parts of conference is connecting with friends I usually see at conference if at all. Tina is an amazing writer and her personality is so fun! Her daughter is a year older than Abigail and a level six in gymnastics so we had fun comparing notes.

I had my camera but didn't take any pictures. Instead, I loaned my card to Mom and Janna so they could take photos. I need to email those to Janna ASAP.

So for today, I'll end with this photo: it's of my mom and Mary DeMuth. Mary is an AMAZING writer and has such a wonderful heart. She's one of those gals I wish I got to spend more time with. Some day. Until then, I'm so delighted that I got to introduce these two and hear more about Mary's memoir Thin Places. Isn't that a wonderful title -- God meets us in the Thin Places of life...


Carol Steward said...

It was great to meet you at ACFW, Cara! Terrific pictures. I can feel the energy all over again!

Debby Giusti said...

Hi Cara,
Loved the photos. Felt like I was back in Denver!!! Thanks for all you did to make the conference so wonderful!!!

Wasn't Donald Maass fantastic? I always learn so much from him.

Lisa Mondello said...

Loved seeing the pictures of ACFW. I wish I'd been there to experience it all AND to finally meet you!

Lisa Mondello said...

Forgot to mention, while I've never been to a Donald Maass workshop, I do have his Writing the Breakout Novel Workbook and it's amazing. I believe last year Debby Giusti did a series of blogs right here on his workshop. It was great!

Lynette Eason said...

Hey Cara, great post! I hate that I missed this year, but next year...no doubt that I'll be there. Um...barring any major life crises, etc.

Hm...I keep hearing about Donald Maas and I hate to admit I've never read a thing by him. Guess I need to rectify that situation...LOL.

Thanks again, Cara, looking forward to next year!