Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Today is my day to post, but it's hard to think of what to write. My heart is back at the vet clinic, where our five month old grandpuppy is clinging to life.

She went in to be spayed on Monday, but reacted badly to the anesthesia, and then her blood didn't clot normally--even though her pre-op blood tests were good. The vet thought she might be seeping blood somewhere, but she couldn't have exploratory surgery and risk anesthesia again. By evening, her labwork wasn't looking good, and the stress had sent her into acute kidney failure. There was thought of doing a transfusion, but that can bring its own risks for severely stressed puppy. My son and I stayed all evening, then were back there at 7:00 this morning, my heart breaking...and I'm sure his was, too.

We are so blessed to have an excellent, dedicated vet. He stayed with her all night at the clinic, adjusting meds, checking her labs. This morning she looked awful--so edematous that her back legs looked like balloons and it was hard for her to move. Her labwork was worsening. The Lasix wasn't working. This morning I prayed so hard for her to improve....for her kidneys to start working before it was too late. The vet did more labwork and gently warned us that things weren't looking good at all.

Then suddenly, the most recent dose of Lasix worked. She started peeing like crazy, which is just what she needed to do. But she isn't out of the woods yet. She's diuresing, but her kidneys still aren't working right, and could fail altogether. She is still under close veterinary supervision. And I am still praying that she can overcome this to return to her wildly joyous, boisterous puppy ways.

You could never convince me that there isn't great power in prayer...even when it involves one of God's smallest creatures. There have been countless times in my life when my prayers have been answered in the most amazing ways--sometimes in ways far, far better than I prayed for. And sometimes, those answers come in comfort and peace when a miracle just can't happen.

Little Abby, who visits our house a lot and often has sleepovers when our son has to travel, holds such a big place in my heart. She is so young, with so many years ahead of her. Years with our son, if they are granted, of absolute devotion, and love, and companionship. I know that she is receiving the best of care, but I'm also praying for her....and giving thanks for the dedicated vet, who has now had to go through a full day of work with no sleep at all. He is a hero, in my book.

How about you...have you been through some tough times with your pets, but still had a good outcome? It would be nice to hear some uplifting stories!


PamelaTracy said...

Now that you've tugged at our hearts, please keep us updated.

GunDiva said...

Sorry about your grandpuppy, I hope she continues to improve.

Lisa Mondello said...

Definitely keep us posted, Roxanne. I hope the puppy is okay. I think most every pet lover has gone through the roller coaster ride with a beloved pet. My beagle, Nike, somehow got his truck stuck underneath the tires of the UPS truck and broke his tail. On the outside that doesn't sound so life threatening. But there was so much bruising and muscle damage that the vet wasn't sure if his bowel function would come back and warned us he may need to be put down. That was 6 years ago and except for him not having any feeling in his tail, he's a perfect little beagle. (His howl is a little too perfect sometimes!)

Project Journal said...

I am so sorry about your grandpuppy. She is so cute! Kepp us updated, please. I think WE'D all love to hear a happy ending : )

Terri Reed said...

Hope the puppy pulls through. That's heartwrenching. Dogs are special pets.