Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Just a wedding...

It was just meant to be a short weekend getaway. But looking back, and yes, even during it, we knew it was one of the best mini holidays we'd had.
My husband's old army buddy (doesn't that conjure up a rotund balding man in a button-busting uniform?) was getting married. For the record, he was not in the least like that vision. He's a slim young man who runs ultra
marathons. (I don't know what they are but they sound pretty impressive to me) Anyway, we were invited. It was for a Saturday afternoon, but before that, I had already decided we'd do some things I'd always wanted to do.
First up, we were going to climb a nearby mountain.
Now, before you think Sir Edmond Hillary here, it was Mount Carlton, the highest point in the Atlantic provinces, only a few thousand feet up. Still, I'd not seen it before, so it had to be done.On the way back down, we got a flat tire right in front of a gas station that not only was open, but also had a good used tire. $30 later and we were on our way with it. A bargain, a blessing to be sure. I noticed the name of the gas station. An old dear friend of ours' maiden name. A relative,
Then we were going to visit our nephew. My hubby's older brother's boy is married, with a child, living in the same town as the wedding
. We were camping, so the family came for a campfire. I can proudly say I introduced them to spider dogs!
The next morning, we walked the waterfront of beautiful Campbellton, New Brunswick. We saw the world's largest salmon. Okay, it's not real, but hey, it's pretty impressive.
Finally, the wedding. As an outside wedding, it was in the groom's parents' backyard, and witnessing the nuptials were also three horses. What a size difference they were!
Though the wedding vows were in French, it mattered not that I understood. I definitely understood the gist. (And the kiss)
Because there were loads of children at the wedding, they'd hired both a clown and a magician/disc jockey. The magician stopped at our table and asked me to think of a card, which I did (King of Spades) and then proceeded to spread out the deck. The only card turned up was the King
of Spades. How do they do those sorts of things?
During the reception, we met an actress.
She's even worked with Ed Asner! Another couple were lovely and nice, with the man telling me what cushy military postings he'd had. I was green with envy. Well, maybe not green, but if you saw my military career, you'd understand that I should be!
The weekend wrapped up with a picnic lunch in my mother-in-law's favourite town. And then it was back home.
I loved the weekend. It was wonderful, relaxing, warm and sunny, and everyone was more than nice. I was the quintessential tourist. Why, I even took pictures coming out of Walmart!
We were blessed to have this weekend. We loved meeting new friends, catching up with old ones, and camping where there was no wind or bugs.
It will go down in our memories as one we'll talk about for a long time.


Norah Wilson said...

Barbara, what fun! You make me wish I'd been there. And isn't the Campbellton area lovely?

Linda Hall said...

Wow! What a great time you must have had.

LGardiner said...

I always enjoy your slices of life, Barbara. You lead the most interesting life.

PamelaTracy said...

LG, I agree. I love Barbara's post I think she should have her own sitcom.

Barbara Phinney said...

My own sitcom? Yikes, I'm not so sure about that. Mind you, the actress was hilarious and plays in a sitcom.
Still, Campbellton is lovely, and we had a really good relaxed time. It felt longer, too, which was odd, but much needed.

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