Thursday, August 11, 2011

Why Read Suspense?

It was a dark and stormy night...

Why do I like to read books that depict the darker elements and side of humans? It's a great question. Aren't the headlines filled with enough horrible things, like the 3 year old in St. Louis who was snatched from her front yard Saturday? Or the riots in London? Or how about an economy that seems to spiral ever deeper?

With the world in such a state, why would a girl want to read about a fictional world that's in chaos?

I don't know. Really. While I love a good historical romance or a contemporary romance, I love a good suspense -- especially if it ends in hope. I like to experience the ever tightening spiral of suspense to the point I wonder if all will survive -- if God is in the middle of it. Not that I want a sermon on every page or even in the book. But I want to smell His fragrance and sense His presence. I want to close the book with the sense that He is always there even in the darkest night.

How about you? Why do you read suspense?

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Sheri Salatin said...

I love suspense because it's intriguing and keeps my mind engaged. I like being able to "escape" the real world for a little while through fiction, but also it helps me to sort out real life events. It's almost like how dreaming helps to put pieces of what happened that day into categories.

I also have to admit that I'm only really fond of suspense and mysteries that have a good ending. I'm with you, I want their to be hope and a message in each book. :)