Friday, August 26, 2011

Waiting for inspiration?

Hello, all. Dana Mentink here, astonished to report that it’s fall! Oh I know, maybe not officially, but my Japanese Maple is turning colors and most importantly, school has started. For an elementary teacher in a combination class that means a roster full of enthusiastic little ones and very long hours. Folks ask me how I manage to write books on top of the life hysteria. The answer is, I get up pretty darn early in the morning, say around 4ish. I’ve heard people say that they can’t write unless they’re feeling inspired. This amuses me. Inspiration for me is beside the point. My tushy is in the chair in the morning and I’m writing because that’s my job and my passion. Sooner or later (after the second cup of java, maybe) that inspiration will kick in and things are humming along nicely, but even if they aren’t, it’s tushy meets chair at that wee early time. I have this theory that we always make time to do the things we love to do (TV, Facebook, outings with friends) even when time is short. What do you think, friends? What passion do you have that you make time for regardless of the craziness in your weekly schedule? Do tell.


Leann said...

Oh, Dana, that morning thing, my brain doesn't function. When I taught, the long drive made me wake. I'd do my writing at night, 9-10. When I clock said 10, I turned off my machine. The next line usually occurred to me as I was walking away, I wrote it down and started with it the next day.

I was early with the books I did that way.

Patsy said...

Reading. I love to read. Every night before I go to bed a read some. Some nights not as much as others though. It calms me down.

augustmclaughlin said...

I'm with you, Dana. Time for writing is as about as important to me as eating... which I also love--ha. Thanks for your insightful post!