Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Secrets of the Secret Service

Terri Reed here and I'm watching this really interesting show on the Discovery Channel all about the Secret Service: the weapons, the technology and protecting the president.

So fascinating to hear how the Secret Service protected President Bush during 9/11. AirForce One became the White House. They were airborne for nine hours with two stop at top secret air force bases before returning to Washington DC.

During that time the president couldn't address the country because AirForce One wasn't set-up for it. Now it is.

In 1989, a gunman stood outside the White House gates and shot at a man in a suit that the assailant thought was President Clinton. The man got off 29 shots before being taking down by bystanders. I hadn't heard about this.

While President Truman was in office, an assignation attempt resulted in one
agents death.

I found this great website while I was researching my July release, The Innocent Witness.

Next up on the Discovery Channel is Secrets of SEAL Team 6. Perfect timing for one of the books I'm currently working on. I've got the DVR set up ready to record.
Though so sad on the heels of the tragic deaths of so many SEALS this week. My prayers are with the families of our fallen heros.


Sheri Salatin said...

This sounds really cool! I'm posting a little excerpt for Navy Seals on my blog on Thursday. What a coincidence that we both have this stuff on the brain. :)

I don't get any TV reception where we live, but these episodes sound really interesting and so does your book. At least I don't need reception to read! :)

Thanks for sharing!

Debby Giusti said...

My heart was heavy when the bodies of the fallen heroes landed in Dover, DEL today. Brave men who gave their lives for our country. My prayers are with their families.

Terri Reed said...

Sheri, thanks for stopping by. I could use a respite from the TV. Sometimes I wish we didn't get reception where we live.
I'll have to find your blog.

Debby, I think the whole country has a heavy heart these past few weeks.