Friday, April 4, 2008


Next weekend in the RWA New England Chapter conference Let Your Imagination Take Flight. I'm quite excited about getting together with some writer friends, sitting in on some great workshops and attending the booksigning with over 40 authors. I'm mentioning it a little early so that those of in the New England area want to attend a fabulous booksigning and meet some great authors, we'd love to have you. All profits from the booksigning go to charity, making it doubly nice.

On the writing news, my latest proposal has flown the coop. Or at least left my desk and is now making its way to New York to my editor's desk. Wish me luck!

9:22 PM update! Several weeks ago I mentioned a story about an elderly couple that died within hours of each other. I'd heard the story many times before but always loved hearing stories like this because although it's sad, it's also beautiful. True love and committment is what I write about and love to read. Today I heard the story again. I'm posting the link from YouTube here so you can hear this amazing couples story.

Many blessings to you,
Lisa Mondello


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