Monday, April 14, 2008

Is this What I Really Look Like? Yes!!!

It's amazing what finaling in a contest will do to your life. There are really only four things you do for the RITA after you final: send books, send photo, send cover, send media contacts.

I liked sending the books (only, now I only have two left). Emailing the cover was easy. The media was easy although I doubt anything will come of it. I'm in Phoenix, third largest city in the US. My little RITA nomination pales next to a man on a roof with a gun, immigration, and traffic.

The photo, now that was the dilemma. I, of course, sent an eight-year-old photo. Why? Well, in that photo I'm younger! I'm skinnier! And, since it's BB (before baby) I'm also missing the dark circles under the eyes.

Right after I sent the photo, I started worrying about the fact that my photo was a snapshot and everyone else's would be professional. I remembered that Harlequin 'really' wanted a professional photo for the website. I remembered that the photo on my Barbour page is twenty, yes, twenty years old (and I have big hair!)

So, off to the hairdresser I go. Then, off to Sears I go. Now, all the world can see what I really look like.


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Debby Giusti said...

You look beautiful! And so ready to win your RITA!!! I'm still flyin' high with excitment because you're a finalist!!! Woo-hoo!!!