Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Tag! Six random things about me.

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1) I love to watch American Idol. Okay, maybe that's not that random since I blogged about watching the show a few weeks ago. I also love Dancing with the Stars.
2)I used to be a model in NYC. That was a very exciting and different time in my life.
3) I love poptarts. Cherry and Raspberry are my faves.
4) I collect recipes but I hate to cook. I know, weird.
5) I love costume jewerly. The sparklier the better. Real gems are great but not as much fun.
6)I love to dance. I took ballet as a child and then danced in high school musicals. I love to do any type of dancing. And am hoping that one of these days my husband and I will follow through with taking ballroom dance lessons.

On another note, starting May 1st and every week proceeding, I'll be posting an interview with one of the heroines of the current months Love Inspired Suspense book. Look for the cover of each book and bio of the author as well.

So looking forward to hearing what our intrepid heroines really think!

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