Monday, April 28, 2008

Six Random Thoughts

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1. When I first start watching Bones, I miss CSI and think CSI is better. By the time I'm four or five episodes in, I'm hooked to Bones. Then, when my BONES DVD ends, and I switch back to CSI, I miss BONES and think BONES is better, for about four or five episodes.

2. Last night I finished and printed off the book I need to mail off this morning. To my amazement, I still like it. I no longer love it. I only love my books during the first draft when I'm writing what I want to write. I do like the book after I make revisions but by then I've sweated glood over the changes.

3. I really need to get that overdue library book back.

4. My son Mikey is starting to really starting to talk. It's amazing. The other day he said, "Does my Uncle John live over that way?" Keep in mind, he's just barely three. That's an eight word sentence! He can also say four syllable words. His favorite is helicopter. I am constantly amazed by my son.

5. My weekends really go by much too quickly.

6. I'm doing puppet plays for the Children's Bible Time at church. This means that when the announcements begin at the end of the service, I leave and head down to the kiddie room. I thought I'd feel put upon (imagine admitting that) but I'm loving it. And Mikey thinks it's ever so neat that his mother comes in to do puppets.

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