Monday, April 21, 2008

Get Er Done

My revisions for Daddy For Keeps Jan. 2009 are due next Monday, I am twenty pages from the end (rewrite) and then I'm still not done. The minute I get to the end, I'll start reading it one more time to tie up the threads that appear based on what my editor told me to cut and to add. I already have two notes-to-self written. Note one says: Keep private detective looking for Tisha. Note two says: Add scene where Robby begins calling Betsy Grandma. After I do the second read-through, I'll take the final chapters, 10-15, and I still have comments from my critique group to weave in. Then, I've given the first revision draft (except for 20 pages) to my friend Stacey Connelly (All She Wants For Christmas SE DEc. 2008). My husband is amazed. See, he thought the book was done.

My goal was to have the first revision draft done today, buuuuttt, Friday night was a book signing for March's book Broken Lullaby. It wasn't the world's most attended booksigning, but still I did it with best friend Cathy McDavid which made it one of the most fun :) Then, I had a woman come up to the table, and I started my author spiel. She's looking at me strangely. Finally, she says, "I know you." Okay, I've been a teacher for more than 20 years. I've taught almost every grade (yes, I've taught kindergarten; yes, I've taught college) so having people recognize me and me not recognize them is not surprising. Usually, they come back with, "It's me, Reggie, from Southwest Christian School. Usually, last time I saw Reggie he was five, wearing a Ninja Turtle shirt, and eating a red crayon. Surprise, surprise when I don't recognize the 6 foot 2 Reggie, wearing a hoodie, and showing off a red and black tattoo. Anyway, this time, the woman said, "Didn't you go to Northwest Church of Christ?" Wow, this time I ran into a woman who I hung around with right after college. She was in the same singles' group, and we were such friends that we drove to camp together, did movies, etc. Over the years, I'd wondered about her more than once (okay, so that didn't help me recognize her).

Saturday, our church group went to some Indian ruins. I love things like this. My son Mikey is such an outdoor kid. He's only three, but he kept up with the grownups, okay he passed up the grownups.

Sunday was church, a little writing time, and then Grandpa came for dinner.

Then, it's onto 6 a.m. Monday morning, and I roll out of bed to do the writing I didn't do over the weekend.

I am soooo blessed. Thank you God.

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