Saturday, April 5, 2008

Life happens

I'm late posting today because life happens and I get caught up in it. I went to our writer's meeting and heard DiAnn Mills talk. She is a joy to hear and she knows her stuff. But I feel like I'm accomplished nothing today really and that is very frustrating to a person who is goal oriented. I have a long list of "things" that need to be done this weekend and nothing is done. EEK!!! Stress is creeping in as I write this post.

So I'm asking you all what do you do when life overwhelms and you are trying to get things accomplished and you feel like you aren't going anywhere? I'll tell you a secret. On the way home from the meeting I pulled into Braum, a ice cream place here that is wonderful, and bought myself a double dip cone. I have to confess I enjoyed every lick the rest of the way home. But those "things" still need taking care of. I'm hoping little tiny fairies come in the middle of the night and take care of the list.

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